City of Mitchell discuss 14th Street traffic issues during Monday meeting

MITCHELL – During the Mitchell City Council meeting Monday night, community members shared their thoughts on the proposal to adjust 14th Street in the area of Deckard Drive.

The curve on 14th Street

In the May City Council meeting, concern regarding speeding vehicles and the safety of families in the area were brought to the attention of the city council. Thoughts on placing speed bumps in the roadway, creating a four-way stop, or even making the road one way traffic heading south were all topics discussed.

The curve on 14th Street where vehicles are allegedly speeding around

Community members who live on Deckard Drive, felt there are no issues with the road, and have not seen accidents or speeding vehicles in the area mentioned, and feel that changing the road for something that may or may not be occurring does not warrant adjusting the road pattern.

The curve on 14th Street

After discussion, the council decided to table the request until it is brought up again in future meetings, or until the issue becomes a greater concern.