Springville Community rallies again to come together in support of the new school

SPRINGVILLE – The first Spring Fest for the Springville Community Academy (SCA) started on the right foot, as the event saw the community come together to support the new charter school Saturday morning.

Lawson Grissom finishing the race

The day started with the Hornet Hustle, an event that the Springville School had done for years before the school was consolidated. Lawson Grissom won the 5K race, crossing the finish line at 21:37.

Following the race, a pancake breakfast and community market provided those in attendance a great meal along with services to bring the community together once again.

Vendors at the community vendor market

“This school has always been involved with the community since the town came together in 1964 to start the school,” said Brandt Kimmel, Vice President of Springville Community and Rural Foundation. “There is a family tie and communal tie to this building, as many of the families who helped start the school still reside here in Springville. We are trying to retain that heritage, and this helps us to achieve that goal.”

One of the biggest points of emphasis for this charter school relies on the type of education each student will receive. Trying to tie into the community, by offering Place-Based Education for each student involved with the school.

“We want to focus on the people around here who help us to provide this education,” said Kimmel. “The feeder auction across the road, we have veterinarians down the road, horse farms and so much more that we will be able to take these children to each location to learn outside of the classroom.”

Bringing the school back has been the priority ever since it was consolidated in 2020, because for so many people the school has been like a home away from home for them, including SCA Principal Jayme Davis.

Springville Hornets slab at the entryway of the school

“I went to school at Springville, my great grandfather was the custodian at the brick school, my grandparents, parents, and even my kids went to school here, so it is a big homecoming of sorts for me,” Davis said. “I’m home here, why wouldn’t I be here? I love this place, and that is why I am here.”

There were plenty of activities for the children with bounce houses and a Kids Carnival. A vendor market, music by Kathy and Greg Baker, Kiss A Pig contest were also included throughout the day, which concluded with the Alumni Banquet.