North Lawrence Community Schools celebrate 48th graduating class of Bedford North Lawrence High School


BEDFORD – The 48th graduating class of Bedford North Lawrence High School was honored during their commencement ceremony Friday evening, as 297 Seniors take the next step in their lives.

NLCS Superintendent Dr. Ty Mungle addressing the crowd

Dr. Ty Mungle addressed the crowd and graduates, complimenting these students on their accomplishments during a pandemic, and praised them on their patience and due diligence to reach the next phase of their lives.

“This class had to deal with something that we have not had to deal with before. You were understanding, patient, and forgiving as we worked through COVID-19 and e-learning together,” said Dr. Mungle. “This group lead by example and helped navigate together, which ultimately brought this class closer together.

Valedictorian Merritt Callahan

One of the two Class Valedictorians, Merritt Callahan, reflected on the path this class took together and praised the teachers, parents, and families for making them who they are moving forward.

“You helped us become who we are today, and we couldn’t have done it without you. We prevailed in the new normal after having the pandemic become a part of our everyday learning,” Callahan said. “From being sent home our Sophomore years, dealing with e-learning our Junior years, and finally coming back together as Seniors, we did it together.”

48th Graduating Class of Bedford North Lawrence High School

Nothing for this group of Seniors was “normal.” Dealing with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic during their Sophomore year, and being the guinea pig to e-learning, they were able to go through it together.

“Find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Most of us have been in school together since kindergarten, and have gone through each level together,” said Callahan. “That may seem normal, but not a lot of people get to do that together. As graduates, we have that ability to make things extraordinary, so go be a great person who does great things, because you have done so much already.”

Valedictorian Allison Loper

Allison Loper, the other Valedictorian for the class of 2022 shared that taking what they learned and making the world a better place for everyone is what the day truly reflects on each of these seniors.

“I have been thinking big for my entire life and wanting to be the best I can be, but there are more valuable uses of our time than trying to be the best,” said Loper. “Make today meaningful, reflect on your past, and what you will be able to do moving forward. Go and do well, but be generous, thankful, and kind.”

Salutatorian Crystal Webb

Class Salutatorian Crystal Webb reflected on the patience each classmate had as they learned to navigate COVID-19 together, and how if we all work together, we can do hard things.

“Looking back, I remember the highs and lows, and we faced a lot of unprecedented times. In the midst of these struggles, we learned that we can do hard things together,” Webb said. “We can find a support system to build on what we learned together here at BNL. The world becomes a better place if we love and support others, thank you fellow graduates on making High School something to remember.”

Following the speeches, the class was awarded their diplomas and joined together in placing their tassels on the left side of their caps, before throwing them into the sky as fireworks closed the end of the 48th chapter of Bedford North Lawrence High School.