Almost half of Hoosiers have received Indiana Automatic Taxpayer Refund payments

INDIANA – According to the Indiana Department of Revenue, about half of the state’s 4.3 million eligible taxpayers have received Indiana’s Automatic Taxpayer Refund payments so far.

Payments started going out via direct deposit in May.

According to Gov. Eric Holcomb, the state will continue to distribute refunds through July.

The state is returning $545 million to Hoosiers after ending its fiscal year with a surplus. Under state law, the excess money turns into a refundable tax credit.

Individual taxpayers are due $125, with married couples who filed jointly getting a $250 payment. The majority of the money will be distributed via direct deposit.

The Department of Revenue said no additional action is required for Hoosiers to get their money – there’s nothing special you had to fill out on your return and no place you need to register in order to receive it.

Some Indiana taxpayers will receive a check in the mail. According to a spokesperson with the Auditor of State, the check payments are “still on schedule for July.”

A mailed check is likely under the following circumstances:

  • Taxpayers provided direct deposit information tied to refund advance loans or similar circumstances
  • Taxpayers filed an extension to pay their 2021 state tax return
  • The state encountered a problem preventing the money from being directly deposited into an account

The state hopes to have all payments distributed by September.

The Department of Revenue “Where’s My Refund” portal does not include information about the automatic refund. It only involves refund information for your individual tax return.

The state hasn’t yet provided information on what to do if you don’t get the money. The Department of Revenue said that information would be available on its website “on or around Sept. 1.”

Taxpayers who are still waiting for their money should wait until Sept. 1 before contacting the Department of Revenue about the status of their payment.