Woman arrested after stolen items were recovered by store employees

BEDFORD – A Springville woman was arrested on a theft charge on May 26th at 12:12 p.m. when Bedford Police officers responded to Walmart after a report of a theft. 

When police arrived they detained Amy Suzanne Bush Grow on a charge of theft. 

According to a Walmart asset protection employee Grow was stopped after stealing several items from the store.

Grow told officers she was having a hard time at home and had lost her job. She admitted to stealing some items but told police not all of the items were intentionally stolen.

The store employee first noticed Grow as she entered the store with items she was hoping to return. 

The employee then noticed Grow again with a large amount of merchandise in her cart, underneath the cart, and in the child seat of the cart hidden under a large pink tote purse.

The items in the bottom of the cart and concealed under her purse were not scanned.  She then paid for some of the scanned items. She was met at the exit of the store by store employees. 

Inside Grow’s purse, police found multiple items she had also stolen. 

Grow was issued a no-trespass order preventing her from returning to the store and all the stolen items were returned. 

The total purchase amount paid by Grow was $104.29, pre-tax. The total amount of theft, in this case, was $498.16, pre-tax. 

Grow was issued a summons to appear in Lawrence County Superior Court I on June 27th at 8:30 a.m. on a charge of theft.