The City of Bloomington Common Council invites additional applications for the Citizens’ Redistricting Advisory Commission

BLOOMINGTON — The City of Bloomington Office of the Common Council is accepting additional applications through at least June 10, 2022, to fill vacant positions on the Citizens’ Redistricting Advisory Commission.

The application process has been open since February 2021, but the membership qualifications have been recently revised to allow more individuals to apply. Individuals who have previously applied need not apply again. For more information on membership qualifications, click here.

The purpose of the Commission is to advise the Council on redrawing Councilmember district boundaries pursuant to redistricting requirements under state law following the 2020 Census. The Commission will be an independent, politically-balanced body, consisting of two republicans, two democrats, and one independent, and will include two full-time Indiana University-Bloomington students. The Commission must hold meetings at least every other month until its work is complete, but may choose to meet more often.

To apply to the Citizens’ Redistricting Advisory Commission, visit here or directly access the application form here.

To learn more about each of the City’s boards and commissions, including mission statements, membership requirements, current membership listings, term lengths, meeting schedules, and location, visit the city website.

All board and commission meetings are free and open to the public.