Town of Orleans stepping up efforts on unkempt properties

ORLEANS – Orleans Town officials have received numerous complaints about local property owners who have not cut their grass and weeds, as well as complaints on several unkempt areas around town.

Residents are reminded that lawns and lots in town must be kept mowed regularly, and trash items and other debris picked up. Residents are also urged to refrain from blowing grass clippings into the streets and roadways, as this practice prohibited by an ordinance, clogs the storm drains and contributes to the town’s overall flooding problems during periods of heavy rainfall.

Several residents have also been sent notices and those not complying will be turned over to the town attorney. If property owners do not clean up their properties, town employees can do the work, and owners are direct billed for it.

The town has once again contracted the services of Ron Taylor to spray for mosquitoes during the upcoming months and is asking residents to continue to assist in those efforts for general health and safety by keeping all yards and lots mowed, any brush type items removed, and any type of standing water removed. Old tires should be discarded and rain gutters and downspouts should be checked and cleaned regularly to allow water to flow freely.