Commissioners will vote on vacating the property on Old State Road 37 on June 7

BEDFORD – The Lawrence County Commissioners, on the advice of County Attorney Dave Smith, will hold a public hearing this morning before the commissioners’ meeting to address public concerns on vacating a right of way on Old State Road 37.

According to Lawrence County Surveyor Corey Allen, Brad Hawkins is asking for 0.111 acres of right of way so he can have a setback for the construction of buildings. The property being vacated is directly in front of the property owned by Hawkins and south of the alley near Salt Creek Brewery.

Hawkins has addressed drainage issues and taken over any maintenance that is needed. He also paved the alley beside the property.

However, according to County Attorney David Smith before a vote can take place on the proposal the commissioners must address any concern brought up today during the public hearing.

The commissioners will vote on the vacating of the right of way at the next commissioners’ meeting on June 7, 2022.