All charges dismissed in the July 4, 2020 attack involving Lake Monroe case

BLOOMINGTON – All charges filed in connection with an alleged racially-motivated attack on July 4, 2020, at Lake Monroe have been dismissed.

Special Prosecuting Attorney Sonia Leerkamp made a motion to dismiss all charges regarding the confrontation between Sean Purdy, Jerry Cox, and Vauhxx Booker. 

Sean Purdy and Jerry Cox II were previously charged in the July 4, 2020, alleged assault on Booker. Booker said someone threatened to “get a noose” during the incident. The defendants claimed Booker and his friends were trespassing when they gathered at the southern Indiana lake.

According to court records, Booker was accused of battery resulting in moderate bodily injury and criminal trespass.

Vauhxx Rush Booker, 37, is a former Bloomington resident and local civil rights, activist. He now resides in Seymour. At the time of the incident, Booker served as a member of the Monroe County Human Rights Commission and a leader within Bloomington’s Black Lives Matter organization.

he called 911 after the assault he said left him with a mild concussion and bald spots on his scalp, along with a scratch on his cheek and an abrasion on his knee.

The attorneys for Purdy and his girlfriend said Booker was the instigator and threatened to use his position in the community to ruin their clients. The attorneys said Booker got into the face of Purdy’s girlfriend and when Purdy intervened, Booker hit him three times.