Two killed in police-involved shooting near Palmyra

HARRISON CO.  – On Wednesday, May 18th  Detective Christopher Tucker and Crime Scene Investigators with the Indiana State Police in Sellersburg continue their investigation into the police-involved shooting that occurred on State Road 135 just south of Palmyra on Monday.

Part of that investigation included interviews, collection and examination of physical evidence, collection and viewing of video evidence, and attending the autopsies of both deceased.

As a result of their investigation, and in conjunction with the Harrison County Prosecutor’s office, Investigators have provided more details into the tragic event.

Investigators say that shortly before 9:30 p.m. Monday, Justin Moore pulled his vehicle to the side of the highway after apparently running out of gas.  Justin Moore then asked a local resident for gas, or money to obtain fuel, before returning to his car which was still partially in the roadway. A short time later, Reserve Officer Zachary Holly, from the Palmyra Police Department arrived to assist. Jacob McClanahan, and a friend who were traveling together in a pick-up truck on SR 135, also stopped to assist.  

At one point during the interaction, Officer Holly asked Justin Moore if there were any weapons in the car and Moore advised there were not. Justin Moore was however in possession of a small knife, which Officer Holly asked Moore to place back in his vehicle. The investigation reveals that as Justin Moore entered his car to return the knife, he quickly turned around brandishing a shotgun, and fired at Officer Holly. Officer Holly then returned fire with his department pistol. Justin Moore fired the shotgun a second time and fatally struck Jacob McClanahan. Officer Holly continued to return fire with his department weapon, fatally striking Justin Moore.

Medical aid was given to both gunshot victims after the shooting, and numerous officers from the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department, the Palmyra Fire Department, Harrison County EMS, and the Indiana State Police responded to the scene.

Investigators have not been able to determine why Justin Moore, who is from Owensboro, Kentucky, was traveling in Indiana.

This investigation is ongoing.