Indiana accepted into National Consortium on skills-based hiring practices

INDIANA – Indiana was recently selected to participate in the National Governors Association (NGA) Skills-Driven State Community of Practice. The NGA Community of Practice will convene multiple states for in-depth, peer-learning discussions on connecting skills-based training and promising practices in the development of Learning and Employment Record (LER) systems – which are digital resumés that show individuals’ skills, educational experiences, and work histories.   

LERs may make career pathways more accessible and equitable by providing jobseekers with detailed, verified, and secure records of their skills, as well as educational experiences and work histories. This information can better match employers with potential employees.

Chris Lowery

“An educated and skilled talent pool is imperative to meet Indiana’s current and future workforce needs,” said Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education Chris Lowery. “Learning and Employer Record systems are a win-win for the state’s workforce. Hoosier workers would receive ownership of a verified, secure, and detailed record of their skills, degrees, credentials, and achievements. In turn, employers gain transparent indicators of job readiness of their current workforce and applicants.”

Indiana has several initiatives already underway that can speed the development of LERs in the state, including the Commission’s Indiana Credential Registry and e-Transcript initiatives, the Indiana Department of Education’s development of the Indiana Graduates Prepared to Succeed (GPS), the Indiana Economic Development Corporation’s Workforce and Talent initiative, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Workforce Excellence and Western Governors University’s Indiana Achievement Wallet.

The only Midwestern state accepted into the cohort, Indiana is joined by Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming. Representatives from the Governor’s Office, Indiana Department of Education, Indiana Economic Development Corporation, Western Governor’s University, and the Indiana Chamber of Commerce join the Commission in the Community of Practice.