Mitchell Walking Club looking to promote healthy lifestyles this summer

MITCHELL – The humidity in the summer in Southern Indiana can cause many to stay indoors and avoid physical activities.

Mitchell First Church of God

The weather, unpredictable landscapes, and uneven sidewalks can add to the discomfort of getting up and staying active during the day.

Mitchell resident Shauntina Hickey has partnered with the Mitchell First Church of God at 405 N 12th St to use the community center for a weekly walking club, in order to build healthy habits and an active lifestyle.

The group meets Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. and will continue to do so through the summer, however, Hickey would like to have this group meet all year round.

“I thought about how I could give back to my community in a way that could benefit everyone. Having the Mitchell First Church of God offer their space for this club to help avoid rough terrain, and the unpredictable Southern Indiana weather is truly amazing,” said Hickey. “I would love to have this club meet all year round, having a controlled environment with flat, even surfaces can really make a difference.”

The club will have seats for those who need a moment to sit and catch their breath, water bottles for those who need a drink, and the ability to walk with other people who are wanting to be healthier. Those who attend can come and leave at any time during the two-hour window.

“It doesn’t matter when you come, as long as you can make it, someone will be there. I will be there to talk and walk with you every day,” Hickey said.