The purpose of a public hearing was the point of emphasis during the Monday Bedford City Council meeting

BEDFORD – Having the chance to provide feedback during a public meeting was the point of emphasis during the Bedford City Council meeting Monday evening.

Dan Bortner

“Some of these meetings take place at 4:00 p.m., and most people aren’t off of work by then. It is important to allow everyone the opportunity to have the chance to attend and share their feedback on changes that could affect them,” said Council Member Dan Bortner.

The evening started with two public hearings for a petition to vacate two areas in town for the property owners to claim for their use at 1902 19th Street, and 1323 T Street.

Undeveloped portion of Brian Lane Way

At 19th Street, there is an undeveloped part of the roadway that was originally intended to connect Wilson Park to Brian Lane Way and has not been utilized. The owners are wanting to place a fence on their property and requested that section be split between the homeowners that live along that line.

The other is an undeveloped portion of 14th Street that the property owner at 1323 T Street maintains when they mow their property. The request was to have the city vacate that portion to them, as they have been maintaining it when they take care of their yard work.

Undeveloped portion of 14th Street

Within these requests, Bortner felt that those who could be affected by these requests did not have enough time to react and have the chance to attend the meeting to speak up and provide feedback. These two requests will be moved to the June City Council meeting, after allowing enough time for everyone affected to speak up.

Larry Hardman

A third and final passage for the property at 1600 Williams Road to an I-1 Light Industrial District for the use of an impound car lot, personal storage unit, and business offices for Bland’s Wrecker Service was also denied for the same reason, by Bortner and Council Member Larry Hardman, for the same reason as the other requests.

The property at 1600 Williams Road showing where the planned lot will be

Both members felt it was important to allow enough time for the public to utilize the time to speak up if necessary. This has also been moved to the June meeting.