Bedford Plan Commission approved three requests and move three to public hearing

BEDFORD – The Bedford Plan Commission approved three requests and moved an additional three requests to a public hearing during their Tuesday afternoon meeting.

Property located at 1600 Williams Road

The request is to rezone a property at 1600 Williams Road to an I-1 Light Industrial District for the use of an impound car lot, personal storage unit, and business offices for Bland’s Wrecker Service.

Yellow area indicates the location of the impound lot

Concern over the length of time each vehicle would be in the lot and the negative impact on the scenery of the area was mentioned by commission members, but the request was approved contingent on the installation of a chain-link fence with mesh tied to the side to block the view through the fence, and limiting the length of time vehicles are in the lot to a maximum of 30 days.

Lucy Lane at the Southern Fields Subdivision

A minor subdivision of a property located at 1402 2nd Street and 205 N Street was then requested by Jason Delaney. The hope is to split the property into two parcels, which was approved by the commission.

Next, a previously approved rezoning request needed to be amended and approved for the minor subdivision on 35th Street, called the Southern Fields Subdivision. The Street was named Southern Fields, when it was to be named Lucy Lane. The commission agreed to the change and amended the original passing, to then approve the update.

Example of where the structures will be once constructed

Daryl Peterson then had a preliminary hearing for his request to turn his property into a I-1 Light Industrial District for a personal storage facility at 2604 35th Street.

Example of what the property could look like

This property will include two structures, with a total of 48 storage units for potential customers to rent. There will be a single entrance from 35th Street, and one-way traffic within the fence that will be installed. The commission approved a motion to move this forward to a public hearing during the June Plan Commission meeting.

The detached garage (left) will be made into a single-family home

Next, Melissa Hamilton requested to split her property into two parcels, to turn a detatched garage on the property into another house to be used as a single-family home.

How the property will be split, with lot sizes shown

The property is still awaiting an initial survey which will take place in between the two meetings. This was a special request that required initial approval from the Plan Commission instead of the Zoning Board, as the two separated properties will be different sizes. The commission approved the motion to move this request on to a public hearing.

The property shown how it would be split

Lastly, a preliminary hearing for Johnny & Janet Fiddler took place, who are requesting to separate their property into two parcels to eliminate the residential property they have at 2747 Washington Ave. This was also moved forward to the public hearing for June.