Bedford City Council to meet at Otis Park Red Brick building for Monday meeting

BEDFORD – The Bedford City Council will hold a public meeting Monday, April 18th at the Otis Park Red Brick building at 607 Tunnelton Road. Following the meeting, a ribbon cutting ceremony will take place for the completion of the renovation and repairs to the building after it caught fire in 2020.

Otis Park Red Brick Building

On the agenda:

Public Hearing – Presentation By Lochmueller Group Of Recommended Program Which Includes Spider Creek Pump Station And SSO Storage Tank And Consideration Of Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) Loan; And Consideration Of Preliminary Engineer Report (PER) Todd Trinkle (Lochmueller Group), Misty Adams

Prayer –

Pledge Of Allegiance

Call To Order

Reading And Approval Of Minutes – March 21st 2022

New Business

  1. Resolution 3-2022 – Resolution Authorizing The Filing Of Application For A Grant Under Section
    5311/5339 Of The Federal Transit Act, As Amended – TASC Department – Dennis Parsley
  2. Resolution 4-2022 – SRF Loan Program – PER Acceptance Resolution – Authorizing PER Be
    Submitted To State Revolving Fund Loan Program For Review And Approval – Misty Adams, Todd
  3. Resolution 5-2022 – SRF Loan Program – Signatory Authorization Resolution – Authorizing
    Application For State Revolving Fund Loan (“SRF Loan”) – Misty Adams, Todd Trinkle
  4. Ordinance 4-2022 – Amending Zone Map For Mike Wood – 1820 Washington Avenue – From B-1
    To R-2 – Brandon Woodward
  5. Discussion
  6. Adjourn