LCIS Board provided updates and announced two new board members during Thursday’s meeting


FAYETTEVILLE – The Lawrence County Independent School Board discussed the updates to the school and the addition of two new board members during their public meeting Thursday night.

Brian Grissom, Jennifer Armstrong, Interim President Chad Shock, Board Secretary Jason Lyons, and Ryan Turner

The meeting started with an update from Brenda Mescher, Education One Trine University. The school has meet the standards in instruction needs, but had a slight fall in attendance numbers at 90 percent, a fall of 3.8 percent. Management standards also met the necessary requirements, but the days cash on hand did not meet the necessary levels, though this was anticipated with a first year school and the numbers are improving each day.

LCIS Board with Brenda Mescher of Education One

Education One also provided each student at the school a note of encouragement for the students taking the IREAD-3 tests. Third-grade students did well, with 90 percent passing, and second grade had 40 percent passing, though it won’t officially count as it was not required.

Board member Ryan Turner then provided an update on the outsourcing of I.T. support for the school, after talking with Canyon Falls Business Solutions. This company will be able to provide the insurance for the 41 Chromebooks at the school, while also providing software updates, and remote assistance. The board will review more information, and will include this on the agenda for the April 21st meeting.

Director of Finance and Business Trisha Turner

Director of Finance and Business Trisha Turner also requested approval for the school to apply for a business credit card from Old National Bank, the same bank the school uses for all purposes, for emergency purchases. The card will have a limit of $9,000 and will cover costs for travel purposes, or any fixtures the school may need in an emergency. This was approved by the board.

The board then announced the addition of two new board members, Eric Johnson and Corey Hudson, after hosting several candidates. The board accepted the new members, who will receive training to catch them up to speed.

The board announced the school is still in need of a Full-Time Elementary Resource one-on-one aid. The position has a starting wage of $13 per hour and can be applied to at the LCIS website careers page.

LCIS Principal Joanne Symcox

Principal Joanne Symcox then provided her update to the board which included:

  • Application to the Amazon STEM Grant
  • New Electives for Middle School have started (Choir, Art Journaling, Guitar lessons, Piano lessons, Cooking, Life Hacks, among others)
  • Field Trips
    • Grade 6A to Paoli Park and Switchyard Park for project-based learning
    • 3rd Grade to 4H Ag Day on April 20
    • P.E. Hall of Fame Spring Mill Trip April 22
    • 1st & 2nd Grade Space Unit & Gus Grissom at Spring Mill
  • Kindergarten Screening taking place now
  • Gardening Club held their first-ever meeting and it was a hit
  • Scholastic Book Fair taking place April 4th through 8th
  • Intent to return need to be entered by April 15th
  • April 15th will be an e-learning day
  • April 21 Spring Musical
  • May 5th The Trial of Alice in Wonderland