A Salem couple arrested on drug charges

BEDFORD – A Salem couple was arrested after a Bedford Police officer stopped their vehicle on State Road 37 near 29th Street for weaving across the fog line early Saturday morning.

The driver was 37-year-old David Kinley and his female passenger 37-year-old Jessica Kinley.

Jessica Kinley

David Kinley told the officer he didn’t realize that he crossed the fog line and he apologized. 

The officer asked both individuals to step out of the vehicle. When Jessica Kinley exited the vehicle the officer noticed she attempted to conceal something under a black leather jacket that she was holding.

When asked what the item was Jessica stated it was just her eyeglass case. In the case, the officer found a glass smoking device with a powdery residue and a small plastic bag containing crystal meth.

Jessica Kinley was detained. David told the officer all the items belonged to Jessica. David stated that he knew Jessica had the items, but he didn’t realize that she brought those items with her and had no knowledge of any other items in the vehicle.

 Officers then conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle. Located behind the passenger seat was a black sunglasses case containing a glass smoking device with a powdery residue. The powedery residue was later field tested and resulted positive for meth.

David Kinley was detained at that time.

Both face charges of possession of meth and drug paraphernalia.

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