Woman arrested after she attempted to alter a court-ordered drug screen

BEDFORD – A Bloomington woman was arrested Wednesday after she allegedly used a device to alter her drug screen.

According to a probable cause affidavit on Wednesday afternoon a Bedford Police officer was requested to the Lawrence County Probation officer after 35-year-old Ruthette Hash was caught with a device used to alter a drug screen. 

Ruthette Hash

Hash was there to undergo a court-ordered drug screen.

Hash told the officer she was going through a child custody issue through Judge Anah Hewetson Gouty’s court and was ordered to submit to a drug screen. Hash told the officer she knew she would test positive for THC and Adderall which she is prescribed. 

An officer that was supervising the test noticed Hash fidgeting in the bathroom stall and observed some sort of device under her skirt.

She then noticed Hash had dropped something into the toilet and the officer located the plastic bottle with the urine inside. 

She told the officer she made a “stupid decision” and had urine from a friend she was going to submit instead of hers.
Hash was arrested on a charge of possession of a device to interfere with a drug test.