Snowy end to bicycle pursuit

VIGO CO. – Tuesday, at approximately 10:30 a.m., Indiana State Trooper Andrew Mattern was patrolling on Jessica Drive in Vigo County when he observed a male riding a bicycle.  Trooper Mattern recognized the male to be 28-year-old Ronald Luci, of Terre Haute, Indiana, and that he had several active felony warrants, out of Vigo County, for his arrest.

Ronald Luci

Trooper Mattern used the PA loudspeaker on his commission to order Luci to stop.  Luci disregarded Trooper Mattern’s requests and turned onto Mews Drive in an attempt to elude him, riding his bicycle through a fenced-in area covered in deep snow.

Trooper Mattern then exited his patrol vehicle and started on foot in an attempt to catch up to Luci, all the while giving loud verbal commands to stop.  It was at this time that Luci lost control of his bicycle, due to the deep snow, and crashed, running away on foot. In his continued attempt to escape, Luci started dropping articles as he was running. Trooper Mattern was then able to catch up to Luci a short distance later and he was then taken into custody without further incident. 

During a search of the area in which Luci had run, several items were discovered that he had discarded, including methamphetamine. 

Luci was taken into custody for the active warrants out of Vigo County and for pending charges.  He was transported to the Vigo County Jail where he is currently being detained on a $150,000 bond on charges of possession of meth, resisting law enforcment, escape from lawful detention by violating home detention, on warrants on three counts of possession of meth, possession of a controlled substance, counterfeiting, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia