Mitchell City Council votes to keep roadblocks in a 4-1 vote

MITCHELL – During the Mitchell City Council Meeting Monday night, it was determined by the council to continue to allow roadblocks to be used by organizations in the city, in a 4-1 vote.

After continued deliberation, and results from reaching out to the community and businesses in the area, Councilmember Nathan Jenkins determined that it would be easiest to eliminate the roadblocks altogether.

Council members during the February 7th meeting

Many organizations including the Kiwanis Club, Lions Club, and Mitchell Marlins swim club were some that requested the council keep the roadblocks in place to help keep them afloat.

Many of the organizations took a huge hit in revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic, causing some of the organizations to fear they would have to eliminate some of their programs if the roadblocks were no longer available, as they do bring in some necessary funding for the organizations.

Dan Chambers, member of the Mitchell Lions Club, encouraged the council to continue the use of roadblocks in order to help the organizations financially.

“We operate on a shoestring budget, and without the roadblocks, things are going to start to suffer,” said Chambers. “We will have to begin to eliminate some of the other programming that wouldn’t be able to be covered without the money we could gain from these roadblocks. I want to encourage you to do the roadblocks, and try to get our community up to speed again. Mitchell is not a rich community and we need this.”

The council voted to keep the roadblocks in place in a 4-1 vote with Councilmember Jenkins voting against them.