Update on purchase of North Oolitic School building during Town Council meeting

OOLITIC – Councilmembers John Dillon and Jon Broglin gave an update to the purchase of the North Oolitic School building during the regular Town Council Meeting Monday night.

The building, currently owned by Tim Starks of Indianapolis, has been a topic of discussion over multiple town council meetings on getting the building fixed or even marked as a historical building.

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North Oolitic School building

Jim Deckard, owner of Deckard Heating and Cooling, has tentatively agreed to purchase the building, rehab, and fix the building to be used for his home health company, apartments, and open other options for uses down the road.

“We are truly fortunate to have someone local coming in to take over the building, and Jim’s construction company will certify him to go into the building and clean out all of the asbestos, and bird droppings, and can absorb the cost within his company,” said Broglin. “We are very, very fortunate that Jim has come in and stepped up to fix the building up.”

Jon Broglin

The purchase is currently working through title and will likely close by the end of the month, barring any issues that may arise during the purchase.

The possibility of attributing the building as a historical landmark can still be completed with Deckard taking over what Broglin has looked into.