Dressing for cold weather

INDIANA – It seems like every week, we have the anticipation of snow. How much? What time? Where? Since that answer is ever-changing, let’s prepare for something that is more certain – Dangerously cold temperatures.

When it comes to your winter wardrobe, goal number one should be to protect yourself from cold weather.

Consider these fashion ideas for staying toasty this winter.

  1. Wear three layers. Your base layer might consist of thermal underwear, a turtleneck, and leggings—thin, moisture-wicking basics that will keep you warm without making you sweat. Your middle layer can be something like a thick fleece for insulation. And the outer layer – a winter coat or parka -serves as a barrier against wind and rain.
  2. Keep it tight. Tight-fitting clothing will help prevent wind chill. Swap wide-leg jeans for skinny jeans. Wear fleece-lined tights or leggings under skirts and dresses to keep your legs warm.
  3. Wear long coats. Cropped puffers might be trendy, but if your aim is to stay warm, you need to keep your entire torso covered. Make sure you have at least one long sweater and coat for the coldest days.
  4. Choose the right type of down. Down is a great material for keeping warm since it’s lightweight while also insulating. When it gets wet, however, it quickly loses its puff. Synthetic down is heavier, but it stands up to rain. For rainy weather, you’ll either want synthetic down or a separate rain shell to protect your down jacket.
  5. Invest in wool. Moisture-wicking wool keeps you warm and dry all day. If you find wool itchy, consider merino and cashmere. Merino is a lightweight wool that’s great as a base layer: Try a simple merino turtleneck and leggings for the ultimate winter base layer. Cashmere is a soft wool that will keep you cozy.
  6. Avoid cotton. Cotton is an amazing, breathable material, but it holds a lot of water, making it less ideal for winter weather. Save the plaid flannel shirts, corduroy pants, and college sweatshirts for fall and spring. If you have wool pants, wear those instead of denim.
  7. Wear hat, gloves, and scarf to cover hands, head and mouth.
  8. Ensure that your clothing is weatherproofed. Before winter, take your favorite boots to a shoe repair shop to get them reheeled and weatherized. Spray weather-proofing spray on your rain jackets if needed. You don’t want to find out that your shoe has a hole or your coat is no longer waterproof on the first rainy or snowy day of winter.
  9. Choose shoes with tread. Choose shoes with tread to avoid slipping on ice. Wear them over thick wool socks to prevent frostbite.

The forecast from the National Weather Service for Bedford, Indiana:

Wednesday, January 19

High 43°, Low 17°, cloudy, winds out of the WNW 10 mph

Thursday, January 20

High 28°, Low 15°, partly cloudy, winds out of the NNE 10 mph

Friday, January 21

High 28°, Low 13°, sunny, winds out of the ENE 8 mph

Saturday, January 22

High 33°, Low 21°, mostly cloudy, winds out of the SW 6 mph

Sunday, January 23

High 30°, Low 20°, partly cloudy, winds out of the W 8 mph

Monday, January 24

High 33°, Low 24°, partly cloudy, winds out of the WSW 8 mph

Tuesday, January 25

High 30°, Low 12°, partly cloudy, winds out of the NNW 9 mph

Wednesday, January 26

High 28°, Low 12°, partly cloudy, winds out of the N 6 mph

Thursday, January 27

High 32°, Low 18°, Partly Cloudy, winds out of the WSW 7 mph

Friday, January 28

High 37°, Low 21°, partly cloudy winds out of the WSW 7 mph

Saturday, January 29

High 38°, Low 24°, partly cloudy, winds out of the W 8 mph

Sunday, January 30

High 40°, Low 25°, partly cloudy, winds out of the SW 8 mph

Monday, January 31

High 40°, Low 27° mostly cloudy, winds will be from the S 8 mph

Tuesday, February 1

High 39°, Low 26° with a 36 percent chance of snow showers, winds will be from the SSE 7 mph