B-Line Trail closed at Showers Common between 7th and 8th streets

BLOOMINGTON – The B-Line Trail next to Showers Common between 7th and 8th Streets in Bloomington is temporarily closed for safety, pending the repair of the Johnson Creamery smokestack located on the adjacent property.

Chain link fence has been erected across the B-Line at the closure area. Southbound trail users may detour around the closure by using the sidewalk next to the south side of City Hall to go east toward Morton Street, then south on the sidewalk along Morton to 7th Street, and turning right on 7th Street to go back to the B-Line Trail. Northbound users should turn east on 7th to Morton Street, use the sidewalk to go north on Morton Street, then use the sidewalk on the south side of City Hall to return to the B-Line Trail.

Drivers who use the parking lot at Showers Common and who are driving on Morton Street are asked to use caution and watch for pedestrian and bicycle traffic using the B-Line Trail detour.

The owners of the historic, 140-foot tall Johnson Creamery smokestack have been notified of their responsibility to repair the smokestack within 60 days.