Rise in COVID cases at LCIS moves students to e-learning day on Friday


FAYETTEVILLE – Due to a rise in COVID-19 cases at the school, the Lawrence County Independent Schools will be moving to an E-Learning Day on Friday, January 14, 2022.

All after-school activities originally scheduled for Thursday and Friday have been canceled. With Lawrence County currently in the Red Status, LCIS has reinstated its mask-wearing policy as of Tuesday, January 18 until further notice. Masks are recommended for all students going to school this morning.


Principal Joanne Symcox said it was important to get ahead of the issue, and keep the children and faculty safe.

“Our staff and students are our number one priority, and we had determined that nearly 23 percent of our school family was either absent or not feeling well,” said Symcox. “With the CDC shortening the length of quarantine to five days, and with a scheduled e-learning day already in place for Monday, January 17th, we felt it was best to add an e-learning day for Friday to help give those who need it those necessary five days.”

LCIS Principal Joanne Symcox

The hope is that with the added e-learning day students can continue to do their schoolwork, and teachers can still teach safely, to return to school together.

“We are hoping to bring those numbers down and are trying to make sure everyone can remain healthy and safe. we don’t want the numbers to increase. They can work from home and still do their schoolwork and we should be back at it on Tuesday.