Bedford Common Council corrects typos in salary ordinances during special meeting

BEDFORD – The Bedford Common Council held a special meeting Monday night, to repeal two ordinances about the updated salary ordinance for 2022 to more accurately disclose them.

Two salaries in ordinances 20-2021 and 26-2021 inaccurately reflected the updated pay rate for the City Attorney and another for tenure longevity for City officials.

The ordinance omitted the full amount for the city attorney which would be adjusted to include the 78 cents for the payments to be set at $997.78.

The tenure longevity issue had transposed the numbers that read $82.83 in the original document and was fixed to reflect the $82.38 amount more accurately.

Lastly, a date in the document was incorrectly placed in the year of 2018, which was corrected for the year 2022.

All members of the council voted to approve the changes, ahead of payroll which is set for this Friday, January 14th.