National Guard team helping at Greene County General Hospital

GREENE CO. – A six-member Hospital Recovery Support Team from the National Guard arrived at Greene County General Hospital Friday to help with patient care.

Two members of the team are medics. The medics will help collect vitals, run IVs, and collect blood. Four of the service members will help with non-patient care. This includes room cleaning, food delivery, paperwork, and restocking supplies.

According to a statement released by the hospital, officials requested the added help support the hospital and clinics’ staffing needs amid rising COVID-19 numbers.

The National Guard is expected to stay on-site for two weeks.

“GCGH, like most other hospitals in the country, is facing obstacles with high volumes of patients and trouble with staffing shortages. These shortages are not from employees being fired or quitting due to vaccine mandates. These shortages are a result of tired and sick healthcare workers who are struggling to continue helping others. The shortage of workers, supplies, medications, and blood products will affect everyone’s healthcare in the coming days. Please do your part to avoid Covid-19 and stay safe and healthy,” GCGH’s Chief Medical Officer, Michael Gamble, MD, said in a written statement.