Mitchell Tri Kappa Chapter ready to celebrate 100th anniversary

MITCHELL – The Mitchell Chapter of Tri Kappa is set to celebrate its 100th anniversary on Saturday, April 9th at the Tri Kappa house in Mitchell.

The Mitchell Chapter, called the Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Tri Kappa, was installed on January 7th, 1922 to help bring beautification efforts to the city that have continued today.

Tri Kappa member Suzanne Patton shared the importance of celebrating the anniversary and continuing the traditions set by the first chapter.

“This is a great way to celebrate and honor the original members of Tri Kappa, to show that what they stood for continues today,” said Patton. “These women set out to make their community better by placing flowers around the town and offering scholarship opportunities among other things to members of the community.”

The 100th Anniversary signs that are posted around town for the celebration

The Mitchell chapter has continued to work on helping the community with its efforts, something that Patton says is truly incredible.

“To think that this group has continued for the past 100 years, in a small town like Mitchell is truly amazing,” Patton said. “Having the opportunity to work with like-minded women, who want to better our town and community brings the most joy, and it’s time to celebrate that with community members.”

Founding members from the first chapter of the Mitchell Tri Kappa included:

  • President Lousie King Wilkinson
  • Vice President Virginia Crawford
  • Secretary Ada Sims
  • Treasurer Helen Weitknecht
  • Correspondence Secretary Francess Hostetier
  • Ruth Alexander
  • Pauline Dalton
  • Vera Diefendorf
  • Josephine Hamer
  • Marjorie Laker
  • Katherine LaMaster
  • Leigh Lindley
  • Helen Murphy
  • Emma Rhodes

Tri Kappa raises money through the Candlelight Tour held in the Spring Mill Village the Saturday before the Persimmon Festival and through cheese ball sales. 

This money helps to support:

  • MHS scholarships
  • MHS dance, band, Art Club, Library and Choir
  • Mitchell Community Public Library
  • Becky’s Place
  • Bertha’s Mission
  • Between the Crowd
  • Hope Resource Center
  • Lawrence County Cancer Patient Services
  • and the Hatfield and Burris food programs