Your donation could help nongame and endangered species

INDIANA – The Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund supports habitat management and conservation efforts for nearly 160 Species of Greatest Conservation Need.

In 2022, this dedicated fund will turn 40 years old. In recognition, we plan to highlight 40 stories about nongame and endangered species conservation that donations like yours have supported. You’ll be receiving more information about these stories soon, so stay tuned.

Barn Owl nesting box

Please consider helping the Department of Natural Resources continue this crucial conservation work by donating.

Your donation could purchase:

  • $10 – buys a band for a peregrine falcon so we can learn where they live and how long they survive
  • $50 – buys a handcrafted least tern decoy used to attract these rare birds to safe nesting islands
  • $100 – buys a radio collar used to follow the success of a released Allegheny woodrat
  • $150 – buys a barn owl nest box to replace lost nesting habitat (pictured)
  • $200 – buys a lake sturgeon transmitter used to find and protect the species’ spawning habitat

These wildlife species and their habitats are essential to our quality of life, from improving environmental health to providing opportunities to see beautiful and unique animals across Indiana. Plus, your gift qualifies as a charitable contribution, as described in IRS Code Title 26, Sec 170(c).