Eagles over Monroe offers community members chance to learn more about wild birds

BLOOMINGTON – Eagles over Monroe will be hosting a live raptor show on Sunday, January 30th beginning at 3:00 p.m. at the Paynetown State Recreation Area.

Eagles over Monroe, along with Indiana Raptor Center, provides members of the community a chance to learn about multiple species of eagles live and in the wild.

Multiple different types of eagles will be at this event including a Bald Eagle and a Golden Eagle, and will offer those in attendance the chance at an up-close look at the birds while also learning about their habits and how they survive in the wild.

The event has a limit to 30 people at $5 per person. You can sign up for the event on the groups Eventbrite website.

Eagles over Monroe will host multiple other events through the month of January for the community to enjoy and learn more about the environment that they live in. These events can be found on the Eagles over Monroe Facebook event page.