October 2021 Year In Review

In October 2021 a groundbreaking ceremony was held for a new Paoli Police Department building, runners take top positions in Limestone Capital Half Marathon, and free online tutoring was made available for middle, high school students.

Finishers announced for the Limestone Capital Half Marathon, 5k and 1 mile walk

Bedford Federal Savings Bank presented this year’s Limestone Capital Half Marathon, a 5K, and 1-mile walk with more than 300 participants on Saturday, October 2, 2021.

Patrick CasaSanta, Bloomington, top finisher Limestone 5K

Half Marathon Top Male Finishers:

  • Chris Taylor 14, Painesville, OH – 1:12:32:06
  • Logan Barrett, 28, Jeffersonville, IN – 1:19:01:49
  • Sam Compton Craig, 35, Elletsville, IN – 1:19:39:14

Half Marathon Top Female Finishers:

  • Staci Fiddler, 51, Bedford, IN – 1:41:03:62
  • Rebecca Roberts, 43, Springville, IN – 1:47:28:99
  • Joanna Hackney, 42, Bedford, IN – 1:55:16:30

Top Male 5K Finishers:

  • Patrick CasaSanta, 23 Blooomington, IN – 19:47:47
  • Justin Graham, 41 Bloomington, IN – 20:20:33
  • Jesse Page 27 Springville, IN -21:06:96

Top Female 5K Finishers:

  • Chelsea Buckman, 31, 26:12:70
  • Madison Chandler, 13 Bedford, IN – 29:14:47
  • Sophia Jewell, 12, Bedford, IN – 29:45:17

One Mile Top Finishers:

  • Erika Batz, age 8 – 11:47:48
  • Leland Dodd, age 5 – 11:54
  • Alexis Yeskie – age 14 – 11:54:11

Free online tutoring available for middle, high school students

Students in grades 8-12 learned in October 2021 how to access free tutoring programs through a new state partnership with schoolhouse.world, according to State Rep. Chris May (R-Bedford).

The online resource provides help with SAT preparation, math courses, and Advanced Placement classes. According to May, schoolhouse.world was launched by the same person who founded Khan Academy, a non-profit organization working to provide free education opportunities around the world, in response to learning disruptions caused by COVID-19. Tutors are vetted, trained, and monitored. May said as students temporarily learned from home or had extended absences, they lost critical learning. 

State Rep. Chris May (R-Bedford)

“Our schools have faced many challenges these past couple years, especially with shifting between online and in-person instruction during the pandemic,” May said. “Fortunately, there are free resources like this that can help students catch up, so they don’t fall behind their peers.”

Students can connect with live, small-group tutoring through Zoom at no cost, with sessions focused on SAT reading, writing, and math, including pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, and statistics. According to May, support is also available for AP courses, including AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Physics, and AP Computer Science. Visit schoolhouse.world to get help today.

May said juniors and seniors can also access free SAT practice resources through Khan Academy and the College Board. These programs provide thousands of sample questions, instant feedback, video lessons, and full-length practice tests. To get started, visit khanacademy.org or collegeboard.org.

Groundbreaking ceremony held for new Paoli Police Department building

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Tuesday, October 26, 2021 for a new Paoli Police Department building

Special guests included Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch and multiple state representatives.

Left to right Representative J. Davisson, Chief Randy Sanders, Rep. Chris May, Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, Councilman Danny Hickman, Rep. Stephen Bartels

Councilman Danny Hickman, Lt. Gov. Crouch, and Chief Randy Sanders raised the first shovels from the plot of land slated for the new police station. The location is situated just west of the current Paoli Fire Department. The property was once owned by the Cornwell Company, a furniture manufacturer and prominent employer in the area. After a devastating fire destroyed most of the building, the factory shut down in 1976 and the land has lain dormant ever since. Just as the fire department rejuvenated their piece of the old Cornwell property, Paoli Police Department’s new facility will bring this historical ground back to life.

According to Chief Sanders, the facility will incorporate design elements from the fire station so that each building will complement the other and form a public safety campus easily accessible by the citizens of Paoli. Included in the new plan will be a training room that will be used for CPR certifications, firearms safety, and defensive tactics courses available to the public.

Rendering of the new building.

The more central location will also allow for quicker response times and a more visible presence in town added Chief Sanders.

During the ceremony, remarks were made by both Councilman Hickman and Lieutenant Governor Crouch, as well as Greg Martz, the lead developer from GM Development, who has done the building design. Three state representatives also attended Stephen Bartels (House District 74), J. Davisson (House District 73), and Chris May (House District 65).

Chief Sanders says the building should be completed in a year and a grand opening ribbon cutting will be held to celebrate.