Secretary of State Holli Sullivan delivers Lake County consolidation plan

INDIANA – Secretary of State Holli Sullivan has completed her statutory duty to consolidate voting precincts in Lake County.

Under a law passed by the Indiana General Assembly in 2018 (IC 3-6-5.2-10), the Secretary of State is required to determine which Lake County precincts have fewer than 600 active voters and issue an order to consolidate those precincts.

Holli Sullivan

“My office worked with care and consideration to develop a plan that serves the citizens of Lake County,” said Secretary Sullivan. “We received bi-partisan input in developing a plan. My goal is to make sure that voting remains accessible to every Hoosier engaging in our elections, and ensure we are responsible with taxpayer dollars. This plan ensures each polling location is reasonably accessible to each voter and will save Lake County residents approximately $76,680 over the next four years.”

The new plan consolidates 24 of Lake County’s 364 precincts.

A copy of the Lake County order is available here.