LCIS holds “sockball fight” after gathering socks for Men’s Warming Shelter

FAYETTVILLE – On Friday Students from LCIS held a “sockball fight” after coming together to collect socks for the Men’s Warming Shelter in Bedford.

The original goal for the students was to bring 265 pairs of socks to donate to the shelter, but the students surpassed that tremendously by bringing in a total of 485 pairs.

Principal Joanne Symcox shared the process of the the project, initially started by Mrs. Young’s class and growing to challenge other classes at the school.

The socks gathered by the students of LCIS

“Mrs. Young’s class put together this project instead of a gift exchange where the students where challenged to bring in a package of socks for the warming shelter. The other classes through LCIS were challenged to gather socks and the winning classes were challenged to a ‘sockball’ snowball fight,” said Symcox.

Students during the “sockball fight”

As an added bonus to the students reaching their goal, Mr. Jerry Sonheim took a pie to the face to show his appreciation of the students.

Mr. Sonheim taking a pie to the face