Vincent Kreft is named Project Green Challenge winner

BLOOMINGTON – Congratulations to Vincent Kreft, a junior at Bloomington High School North, on being awarded first place overall in the Project Green Challenge. He will be leading a group of students from North’s Environmental Club to complete a cost-benefit analysis for installing solar panels on the roof at North. 

Vincent Kreft

Vincent currently serves as captain of the Science Olympiad team and a leader of the Environmental Club. He is enthralled by the sciences and has a strong passion for math. In the future, Vincent hopes to study chemistry with an emphasis on green chemistry solutions. Vincent enjoys playing the piano and making music with the school’s Jazz Band. He also enjoys competing with his hockey team, currently serving as the JV captain. Vincent is a bilingual French and American citizen and an active member of Surf Rider Foundation Europe. Vincent enjoys spending his free time with friends, family, and a good manga.

“I know that climate change is a massive global issue that my generation will have to address, but I did not know that I could start addressing it now,” Vincent said. “I have learned that I can have a ripple effect and influence more than just my local network.”

Click here to see Vincent’s portfolio for the Project Green Challenge.