Gerkin Construction loading donated items for Kentucky tornado victims

BEDFORD – Gerkin Construction in Bedford is preparing the donated items they collected during the past week, for victims of the December 11th tornado in Kentucky.

Sorting donations together for loading

After coordinating the efforts of gathering the items and including donation sites at the Bedford Lowes, Jay-C Plus and Grace Full Gospel Church, owner Dan Gerkin can’t thank the community enough for their assistance.

“I don’t even have a number of items that we have had donated so far, but we had three trailers full of donations. The amount of items that have been collected so far is so overwhelmingly great, the only problem we are now dealing with no is having to sort all of it together in our enclosed trailer to keep the items protected from the rain and storms rolling in this weekend,” Gerkin said.

Working on sorting through the donated items to load in the trailer for transportation to Madisonville, KY

Gerkin said that the support received from the community has been great, but the added assistance from Grace Full Gospel Church has been a true blessing.

“We have had the true blessing of having aid from Grace Full Gospel Church. They do regular community outreach around Christmas time and following this years event, and they had funds leftover that they decided to use towards the relief efforts of this trip,” said Gerkin.

Donated items at Gerkin Construction

Paula Johnson from Grace Full Gospel Church said they were blessed to be able to help out as much as they have been able to so far this year.

“We had plenty of money left from our outreach in giving children toys for Christmas, that we were able to donate roughly $8,000 in items to help with Dan and his efforts. Dan really spearheaded this project and asked about leaving his trailer for donations in our parking lot, and we really couldn’t say no.”

Closer look at some of the donated items

Johnson said that the Lawrence County community is so loving and giving that receiving the items was the easiest part.

“To help those in need and feed the hungry, we saw a need that we could help with, and it was easy to get the items together. Lawrence County is so good about reaching out to help. When there is a need, they all just start coming to help.”

Loading the trailer for transportation

Gerkin said that seeing an idea come to fruition and not just staying an idea is what he is most proud of.

“These items will go directly to the Life Christian Center Church in Madisonville, Kentucky for the immediate relief efforts. All items that have been gathered will go to the community of Madisonville directly,” said Gerkin. “There have been cash donations as well that will be given to Pastor John Kincaid to go towards items that are of more need or additional items to be gathered for those who need it most.”