Bedford Housing Authority provides updates as 2021 comes to a close

BEDFORD – During the Bedford Housing Authority meeting Thursday, Director Bobbie Ames shared the end of year updates to the members of the commission board.

There was an update to the shortfall after receiving the initial deposit of $43,329 from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) along with a designation to watch over the funds. The Housing Authority will receive a checklist of items and how to use the deposited funds.

Members of the Bedford Housing Authority Board of Commissioners

The next update was the balance of tenants between the Hauck House Commons and Hamilton Courts. The current balance for the Hauck house sits at $1,541 while awaiting back payment from a few tenants, while Hamilton Court is at $1,762. This was acknowledge by the commissioners.

Ames then shared an update to the employee holiday calendar, with the inclusion of the Juneteenth Federal Holiday. No other changes were made to the existing calendar.

The board of commissioners also approved an incentive for the employees of both locations of $150 per employee that will be distributed before the holiday break.

The discussed item at the meeting regarded distributing the Annual Plan for 2022. Ames provided her initial plans to the commission to review and discuss at the January 2022 meeting. Her plans include setting funds aside in a CD Fund as a rainy day fund, installing mail receptacles at Hamilton Courts to allow tenants to send outgoing mail without having to go to the post office. In addition, she would like to include Wi-Fi at Hamilton Courts while also looking into a similar plan for the Hauck House.

Commission President Donna Tlustek is also up for reappointment, and is awaiting the response from Bedford Mayor Sam Craig. It is believed that Tlustek will accept the role again.