Oolitic Town Marshal Jon Jeffries to retire after 41 years of service

OOLITIC – Friday, December 17th will mark the end of an era as Oolitic Town Marshal, Jon Jeffries, will sign off one last time to enjoy the wide open horizon of retirement.

Jon has always carried a stern, but gentle demeanor and a calm approach to moments that could be chaotic at times, by showing respect to everyone he came in contact with.

Jon said that working with the community and serving them every day over the past 41 years is what he will truly miss during his retirement.

Oolitic Town Marshal Jon Jeffries

“The people I work with and citizens is what I will miss the most. Just being able to help them out in any way possible is what this role was all about,” Jon said. “I enjoy helping people; that is mainly the biggest part of being in law enforcement, the opportunity to help who I can to the best of my abilities.”

He always had the community on his back, caring for and loving everyone in the community to his fullest, both while on the job and off. His dedication shows no measure as he was able to fulfill his role responsibly and respectfully.

Oolitic Town Council President Tangie Jenkins said that Marshal Jeffries has always been there with a smile and carried a strong demeanor.

“I grew up in Oolitic and Jon has always been someone you can depend on, if you asked he would be there. Anytime there was a situation, he remained calm in these critical situations,” Jenkins said. “He is able to calm others by maintaining that. He has always been kind and caring while taking things to heart.”

Jon said that being Town Marshal had the usual ups and downs throughout his career, but being able to help when he can is what he truly enjoyed.

“There was plenty of good and bad in this role and position with law enforcement really being in a different world. I am just glad that I was able to do my job to the fullest of my capabilities, when it mattered most.”

And while stepping away from this role, and allowing Deputy Marshal James Harrington to step up as the new Town Marshal, Jon is excited to spend time where it matters most.

“The thing that I am really looking forward to is spending more time with my two grandchildren and my family. Not having to worry about going in and missing out on big moments in their lives is truly something I am excited for.”

President Jenkins said that while it is hard to see Jon go, the Town of Oolitic will remain in good hands.

“I am sad to see him go, but extremely happy for him to get the retirement he truly deserves. I know that through working with James (Harrington) that Jon is leaving the position in the best hands.”