Mitchell Community Schools agree to sell corporation owned land in Huron

MITCHELL – During the Mitchell Community School Board meeting Monday night, Dr. Brent Comer and Attorney Greg Pittman shared the updates to two properties owned by the school corporation.

The two parcels are rather large with one sitting at 48.75 acres while the other is an even 40 acres. and after receiving an average amount to sell each at individually.

The board had to first approve the authorization to sell the properties at the average price from the appraisals, while posting a minimum bid amount and a notice to bidders of the price for the parcels.

Mitchell Community School Board during Monday night meeting

The next step in approving the sale, was to give the authorization to Dr. Comer and Pittman to list the properties for sale. The hope is to sell the 48.75 acre parcel that will be listed for $180,500 and the 40 acre parcel will be listed at $150,000.

The board approved to sell the two parcels separately at the average price determined from the appraisals.