Mitchell Community School Board stayed busy Monday night during regular meeting

MITCHELL –During the regular meeting for Mitchell Community Schools (MCS), the members of the school board discussed updates to the school and properties owned by MCS.

Superintendent Dr. Brent Comer along with Attorney Greg Pittman shared the update to two properties owned by the school corporation in Huron Township with the intent to sell the property.

The two parcels are rather large with one sitting at 48.75 acres while the other is even 40 acres. The 48.75-acre parcel will be listed for $180,500 while the 40-acre parcel will be listed at $150,000. The board approved to sell the two parcels separately at their average price range.

Dr. Comer then discussed the approval of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Mitchell Community Schools and IU Health SCR Community Health.

This will allow the two groups to partner together, at no cost to the school corporation, to work as a conduit for possible funding for any health-related services that may be supplied to the students, not only physical help but also mental health services. This was unanimously approved by the board.

Mitchell Community School Board during Monday night meeting

The next item up for approval was an MOU with Youth First Incorporated to provide a social worker at the school for students who are in immediate need of services. The guidance counselors do what they can, but are not really trained in the specificities of the role of a social worker.

After careful review of separate agencies in providing those services, Dr. Comer suggested Youth First. This group will provide the necessary services for students in need while taking on 50% of what is owed to the social worker. If things work how Dr. Comer hopes, the approved MOU with IU Health will allow for the funds to be used for the other half needed for Youth First. This was also approved by the board.

The board members then discussed the adoption of an eight-block schedule for the Junior High and High schools to help students in credit recovery. The classes would be split, four classes on Monday and Wednesday and four different classes on Tuesday and Thursday, with altogether eight on Friday. The board approved the motion for the eight-block schedule for the High School, set to begin in the 2022-2023 school year.

The board also discussed the hiring of individuals for specific roles within Mitchell Community Schools, including an update for the new athletic trainer for the High School as well as the update to the school calendar for 2022-2023, before motioning to adjourn.