Resident craft show held by Becky’s Place through art therapy program

BEDFORD – Becky’s Place held a resident craft show on Saturday, December 11th and Sunday, December 12th to help support the women’s shelter through their art therapy program.

Items from the craft show were available for purchase with all proceeds going to the support of Becky’s Place. All residents and staff completed quarantine and are wore masks, with the items lining the entry way to the building.

Beth Long, one of the building managers for Becky’s Place, said that this craft show really helped ease the minds and worries of the residents.

All of the art work hanging in the entryway of the building

“It helps to get the residents into the Christmas spirit and busy hands makes busy minds. The supplies were donated to Becky’s Place and provided the residents the opportunity to work together, with the other residents and case managers, in hopes to spread the holiday cheer,” said Long.

Closer look at some of the items for sale

For more information on how you can help the shelter, you can call (812) 275-5773 or send your donations to Becky’s Place via this link.