Needmore Elementary students step up to help a fellow student in need

NEEDMORE – When first-grade student Paisley Schidler was admitted to Riley Children’s Hospital last week with a diagnosis of bacterial meningitis, the staff and her fellow students at Needmore school wanted to help in some way. 

Paisley Schidler

According to her mother, Kayla Lagenour’s Facebook post, an MRI showed a small 2 millimeter pocket of infection. The MRI also showed a small blood clot in the brain and two small bones loose at the base of her skull.

Thursday morning Paisley underwent surgery to clear out the infection. During her surgery they placed a PICC line in her arm to help make administering medications and taking blood so much easier.

The last couple of days has been filled with multiple cat scans and MRIs. With further imaging, doctors discovered that there is a misalignment of the C1 and C2 causing neck pain and spasms. Paisley has been diagnosed with Grisels Syndrome and is currently using a C-collar for treatment along with some medication. This Grisels Syndrome is extremely rare and can be caused by head and neck infections. They are believing that Paisley’s body should heal correctly and fuse itself together. Doctors are also treating the blood clot in Paisley’s head. She will receive a shot in her belly twice a day for the next 3 months. Hematology/ Oncology doctors are monitoring the blood clot.

Paisley has also started speech, physical and occupational therapy. Her mother says she is doing great.

Corinna Irwin, a close friend of the Schilder family, set up a GoFundMe page in an effort to raise money for Paisley’s medical needs, as well as to support the family with their stay in Indianapolis and help with meals while they are away from home. 

The school shared with Needmore families the information about the fundraiser and invited anyone interested to contribute. 

Tate Turner

When hearing this news, a very special 5th grader, Tate Turner, wanted to help.  Tate gathered all of the coins he had been saving for quite some time and brought them to school to contribute to the fundraiser for Paisley and her family.  The amount of money in Tate’s can of coins totaled $335.72.

The school principal acknowledged Tate’s generosity, kindness, and giving spirit by honoring him in front of classmates. 

The school then took the recognition for Tate a step further and shared the story of his caring heart on the school’s social media page.  Through Facebook, Tate’s humble story of generosity has currently reached more than 8,000 people.

Upon learning of Tate’s story, Johnny Junxions owner, Steve Jones, wanted to show Tate that those who give unto others will also receive good in return.  To demonstrate this, Steve visited Needmore Elementary and presented Tate with a check for $336.

Needmore school’s motto is “Be the Good in the World” and both Tate and Mr. Jones have shown the Needmore community exactly that.

To contribute to the fundraiser for Paisley’s family click here.