Approval of no increase in room and board rates among Purdue trustees actions; 11th consecutive tuition freeze announced.

WEST LAFAYETTE — Purdue University’s Board of Trustees on Friday (Dec. 3) approved housing rates for 2022-23, including a 10th consecutive year with no increase in University Residence Hall rates on the West Lafayette campus.

Trustees also ratified six professor positions, approved a Doctor of Technology degree at Purdue University Northwest, as well as the naming of the Electrical Engineering Building on the West Lafayette campus. Also Friday, university officials announced a series of benefits for students, faculty, and staff at its West Lafayette campus, including an 11th consecutive year of tuition unchanged at 2012-13 levels; an appreciation award for faculty, staff, and graduate student staff; and a 4% salary merit pool for faculty and staff for the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2022.