Base Camp Country Real Estate celebrates ribbon cutting ceremony in Downtown Bedford

BEDFORD – Base Camp Country Real Estate has a new, local location in the heart of Downtown Bedford after holding their ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday afternoon.

Caleb Thorne, born and raised in Bedford, shared why it was important for him to set up a location on the square.

“It was important for me to set up camp here in downtown because this is my home. I really like the community here, and a big part for me was being able to invest in the community and help to revive the square,” Thorne said.

Caleb Thorne with Mayor Sam Craig

Trying to follow along the footsteps of his family, Thorne is excited for the opportunity to work with the community.

“My family is rooted here in Bedford and I wanted to follow in their footsteps and carve my own path by working to maintain relationships, continuing to work hard and immerse myself with community members,” Thorne said.

Thorne will be as busy as ever with starting up this new location and working as a solo act for the time being, but that doesn’t phase him on having an open door policy.

“Stop by anytime and say hi. Anytime the open sign is on and my truck is out front feel free to come on out,” said Thorne. “I am a one man show currently, but once we have a secretary and can have set hours and open door conversations, it will be great.”

Base Camp specializes in rural real estate, dealing in land and structures on properties specifically. The counties that Thorne serves includes Lawrence, Orange, Martin, Greene, Clark, Crawford, Daviess, Harrison, Jackson, Scott and Washington counties.