Bedford woman arrested on battery charges after verbal altercation escalates

MITCHELL – A Bedford woman was arrested after Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department deputies were called to Spring Mill State Park Inn after a report of a domestic fight in one of the rooms.

When deputies arrived, they went to the room on the third floor and spoke to a woman and her two grandchildren.

Ashley Stone

The woman reported her daughter 41-year-old Ashley Stone had been yelling and beating on her, Stone left the room prior to police arriving. The woman said Stone had been yelling and screaming, shoved her, pulled her hair, and punched her several times with a closed fist. The officer noted the woman suffered some redness and swelling on her arms and neck area.

Police found Stone near the entrance of the Inn sitting on a bench.

Stone told the officer she and her mother had an argument and she shoved her mother during the conversation.

Officers reported Stone had been drinking. She told the officer she had “8 or 9 shots of vodka”.  The officer had her blow into a portable breathalyzer where she tested 0.077.

Stone’s mother filed a battery affidavit and Stone was arrested on charges of domestic battery in the presence of a minor and domestic battery with a prior conviction.

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