Treasurer Kelly Mitchell joins with Indiana Youth Services Association to announce the impact of 2021 Make Good Decisions Campaign

INDIANAPOLIS – State officials working with the Indiana Youth Services Association recently concluded the latest iteration of the Make Good Decisions Campaign, a series of ads designed to raise awareness of Indiana’s Lifeline Law among college students. The law protects students from criminal prosecution for underage drinking and related offenses when the student reports a medical emergency to the police and cooperates with authorities. This fall’s campaign ran from August 16 through November 7.

Treasurer Kelly Mitchell

By using social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, the positive campaign encouraged college students throughout Indiana to text or call 911 and to stay and cooperate when someone is in need of medical attention due to alcohol consumption.

Results of the campaign (including samples of the campaign’s videos) and personal testimonials from those closely involved with the initiative will be shared at a press conference at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, December 1 at the University of Indianapolis’ Schwitzer Student Center.

Speakers will include:   

  • Kelly Mitchell, Indiana State Treasurer (chair of the Statewide 911 Board)
  • Ed Reuter, Executive Director, Indiana Statewide 911 Board
  • Hon. Jim Merritt, former state senator (author of the Indiana Lifeline law)
  • Megan Leahy, Board President, Indiana Youth Services Association
  • Whitney Nixon, Service Provider Support Director, Indiana Youth Services Association
  • Nick Escobar, Creative & Marketing Manager, Emmis Communications
  • Asst. Chief of Police Hailey Padgett, UIndy Police Department
  • Dawn Finbloom, mother of Brett Finbloom

About Make Good Decisions: The Make Good Decisions Campaign educates teens, young adults and parents on the dangers of underage drinking and destructive behaviors. Indiana’s Lifeline law provides immunity to minors for certain alcohol-related offences. For more information, please contact Michele Whelchel,

Indiana Youth Services Association: IYSA advocates for children and families by enhancing its members’ ability to implement the core roles of youth advocacy, delinquency prevention, information, referral, and community education.

Indiana Statewide 911 Board: The board is a quasi-state government agency established by IC 36-8-16.7 and operates under the Indiana Treasurer’s Office. It has statewide jurisdiction over 911 services. The chair, by statute, is the state treasurer. The board’s two primary responsibilities include collecting surcharges from all communication service providers and distributing the funding to local units of government, as well as the operation of a statewide public safety ESInet for 911 calls and texts.