Oolitic Town Council approves contract with Bynum Fanyo for water services

OOLITIC – The Oolitic Town Council held a special meeting Tuesday to discuss a potential contract with Bynum Fanyo & Associates Inc in Bloomington for drinking water and wastewater treatment plant services.

Councilman Jon Broglin put a motion on the floor to have an open-ended operational management contract with Bynum Fanyo meaning it will not renew every three years. This contract will update with a 3% per annum increase each year.

This contract will have a 90-day out clause from services if the city feels that they aren’t getting what they paid for. Bynum Fanyo typically does 30-day out clauses, but Councilman Broglin attained the 90-day period.

The cost for the wastewater treatment plant is $4,200 per month, totaling $50,400 per year and the water management fee will be $1,400 per month, totaling $16,800 per year. The total cost for the year for these services works out to be $67,200.

Jon Broglin Oolitic Town Council

Councilman Broglin feels, that with the three days that this company has worked and helped out around the plant, that they have gotten more out of Bynum Fanyo than the past six months with Utility Services.

Council members signing the contract

The contract was approved and signed, and will go into effect immediately on November 16th, 2021.