Board of Works approved several requests at Mondays meeting

BEDFORD – The Bedford Board of works stayed busy at their meeting Monday afternoon with the approval of multiple requests.

The first item on the docket was the swearing in ceremony for two new firefighters, B. Garrett Scherschel and Reid L. Marlow, by Mayor Sam Craig.

B. Garrett Scherschel being sworn in by Mayor Sam Craig.

Families were present for both individuals as they took the oath to serve their community to the fullest of their capabilities.

Reid L. Marlow being sworn in by Mayor Sam Craig.

The next item was in part with the Railroad Facilities Project for the approval to disband the white river port authority due to no railroad access to the area. The group will work with Fletcher & Sippel to comprise a total cost together that would not exceed $5,000. This was approved by the board with the stipulation of the cost not exceeding that threshold.

Police Chief Terry Moore

Following the port authority was Police Chief Terry Moore who spoke on behalf of Housing Authority Executive Director Bobbie Ames in regards to changing the 2 hour parking in front of Hauck House Commons to a Loading/Drop Off Zone. This request would benefit the community members living in the building who may be in need of an ambulance service or TASC bus, a service that up to this point has had to park on K Street. This would also open the area for any deliveries to the building. This request was accepted and approved.

Fire Chief John Hughes then spoke in regards to the official hiring of Tristan M. Sites to the Bedford Fire Department. Sites passed all medical tests as required by the state. He will fill a vacant spot with the department. The request was approved.

Fire Chief John Hughes

Mayor Craig then requested emergency repairs to be completed to the west side of City Hall. Water has breached the brick by a window located on the west side of the building causing structural issues and a chimney in the building is alos in need of repairs. This was approved by the board.

The board also approved the following subdivisions

  • Minor Subdivision for Angela Turner at 3939 River Bluff Road
  • Love City Sunset LLC Minor Subdivision for Carey Deckard 1417-1425 24th Street
  • Garrett Thompson Minor Subdivision 1301 22nd Street of Maplewood Addition

The final item on the docket included the quote from B-Tech Technology in regards to the Red Brick facility receiving new smoke detectors. Mayor Craig noted he wanted to look more into it and be certain about all of the information, and tabled the approval to next months meeting.