Putnamville Troopers receive recognition at award ceremony

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana State Police held their annual awards and recognition ceremony in Indianapolis this afternoon.  The ceremony publicly recognized the achievements and accomplishments that all too often go without proper recognition.  Officers were recognized for their dedication, service, bravery, and devotion to the department and the citizens of Indiana.  

From the Putnamville State Police Post the following officers were recognized:

Troopers Courtland Woodruff, Andrew Mattern, Brad Fyfe, Justin Bell, and Spencer Brooks were each awarded a lifesaving award for actions they took in Vigo County earlier this year. 

On February 7, 2021, Trooper Courtland Woodruff heard Vigo County Central Dispatch put out a call of shots fired at a residence in southern Vigo County. Trooper Woodruff, along with Troopers Andrew Mattern, Justin Bell, Spencer Brooks, and Bradley Fyfe responded to the call. Once on scene, all five troopers made entry into the residence to find a male subject in a bedroom that had been shot multiple times, and a female screaming and crying for someone to help him.

ISP Trooper Courtland Woodruff

Trooper Brooks took the female out of the residence, while Trooper Woodruff rendered first aid to the victim and applied a tourniquet to his upper leg to stop the bleeding. While the victim was being attended to, Trooper Mattern started to search the residence to make sure the scene was safe. He found two small children who he immediately escorted out to be with their mother and then returned to the residence.

ISP Trooper Spencer Brooks

As each room was being cleared, Trooper Mattern encountered the shooting suspect inside a room off of the front of the residence. The suspect was holding a firearm in the middle part of his chest, pointing away from Trooper Mattern. 

As Trooper Mattern moved to a place of cover, he heard a shot come from the suspect’s location.  Trooper Woodruff, hearing the shot, picked up the victim and carried him out of the residence to an ambulance that was now on scene. Troopers Bell and Fyfe, who had been searching outside for the suspect, also heard the shot and made entry into the residence, confirming that the suspect had taken his own life.

ISP Trooper Andrew Mattern

These troopers are to be commended for their extraordinary conduct, actions, and bravery in saving the lives of their fellow human beings. Troopers Woodruff, Fyfe, and Bell are five-year veterans, Trooper Mattern is a three-year veteran, and Trooper Brooks is a one-year veteran of the Indiana State Police.

ISP Trooper Justin Bell

Senior Trooper David Petrowski was awarded a Combat Action Award for action he took in Vigo County on December 31, 2020, when he located a passenger vehicle that was fleeing from an armed robbery at a fueling station. Senior Trooper Petrowsk initiated a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle. The suspect vehicle then came to an abrupt stop and quickly exited the vehicle, running south.  Trooper Petrowski immediately exited his commission and pursued the suspect on foot, giving loud verbal commands for the suspect to stop.  Once reaching a corner of a building, Trooper Petrowski proceeded with caution. Using trained procedures and maneuvers for his safety, he carefully proceeded around the corner of the building.  This is when he observed the suspect in a shooting stance, with a handgun pointed directly at him.  Trooper Petrowski then fired one shot, not striking the suspect, and took cover next to the building.  The suspect continued to run southbound.  Other officers were then able to locate the suspect and take him into custody without further incident.  These actions and dedication to duty by Trooper Petrowski are in keeping with the finest traditions of law enforcement and reflect great credit upon himself and the Indiana State Police.  Senior Trooper Petrowski is a 14-year veteran of the Indiana State Police.

ISP Senior Trooper David Petrowski

Trooper Brad Fyfe was the recipient of the 2020 Putnamville Trooper of the District Award.  Trooper Fyfe’s performance and accomplishments during 2020 earned him this recognition.  He was overwhelmingly nominated for this award by his peers and the Putnamville District Command Team.  During 2020, Trooper Fyfe concentrated his traffic and criminal enforcement efforts on DUI, drug enforcement, and associated crimes.  Trooper Fyfe is currently assigned to the Vigo County squad and is training with his new K-9 partner Jett. Trooper Fyfe is a five-year veteran of the Indiana State Police.   

ISP Trooper Brad Fyfe

Trooper Rondell Shelton was recognized for the District DUI Award.  Trooper Shelton removed several impaired drivers off Indiana roadways in 2020.  Trooper Shelton’s outstanding performance in this significant enforcement activity exemplifies the professionalism and integrity expected of an Indiana State Trooper.  Trooper Shelton’s actions bring great credit upon himself and the Indiana State Police, making the roadways safer for the citizens of Indiana.  Trooper Shelton is a seven-year veteran of the Indiana State Police. 

ISP Trooper Rondell Shelton

The Putnamville State Police Post is proud to recognize and congratulate these troopers who have displayed outstanding courage and dedication in their duty each and every day.  We honor and thank them for their continued service to the citizens of the State of Indiana.