Deer firearms season opens Saturday

INDIANA – Deer firearms season opens on Saturday, November 13, and runs through November 28.

Remember, the deer firearms license allows a hunter to take one buck. Hunters can harvest an antlerless deer with a firearm during this season if they possess a deer bundle license, bonus antlerless license, deer reduction zone license (in a deer reduction zone), resident youth consolidated hunting and trapping license, or comprehensive lifetime hunting license.

Antlerless deer taken with a firearm during firearms season would count toward the bonus antlerless quota, unless you are hunting in a deer reduction zone with the appropriate license and count the deer toward the deer reduction zone bag limit. Bonus antlerless deer cannot be taken on all DNR properties; find information about restrictions.

Bonus antlerless deer cannot be taken in Benton or Tipton counties until Nov. 25. Firearms regulations differ from public land to private land – be sure to read through these before venturing out. 

Questions about Indiana’s deer seasons and regulations can be directed to the Indiana Deer Hotline at or 812-334-3795, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

Reminder: check in your deer, wild turkey, or river otter

The Indiana CheckIN Game system allows hunters and trappers to check in their harvested game from any device connected to the internet. You will receive a confirmation number that must be written down on a temporary transportation tag for the harvested game species (turkey, deer). 

Be sure to check your information is accurate before submitting it. Deer and wild turkeys must be checked in within 48 hours of harvest; river otters must be checked in within 24 hours of harvest. Have your Customer ID and harvest information ready. Remember, you don’t need to log in to your account to check in game for this fall – you can do so by clicking CheckIN Game and entering your Customer ID number and date of birth.

Hunters still have the option of visiting traditional check stations, where a confirmation number will be provided for you to place on your temporary transportation tag. 

There is also a phone-in option at 1-800-419-1326; however, there is a $3 charge for this service (payable by Visa or MasterCard only).

CheckIN Game data filters into real-time harvest tables available on the DNR website. Check harvest numbers for white-tailed deerwild turkey, and river otter, updated daily during open seasons.

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Don’t forget to test your deer for CWD for free

Indiana DNR is interested in obtaining samples from hunter-harvested deer to test for chronic wasting disease (CWD). Hunters may voluntarily submit samples for free testing at select Fish & Wildlife areas (FWAs) and state fish hatcheries (SFHs) throughout the hunting season. 

Deer heads can be dropped into designated coolers at select FWAs and SFHs, or hunters may make an appointment to have their harvested deer sampled by a biologist during office hours. Tongue tags will also be available for hunters who wish to have their deer’s head-mounted and sampled for CWD – just follow the guidance provided at designated coolers or given by DNR staff.

Testing results will available online.

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