Bedford Plan Commission approves list of property adjustments

BEDFORD – The City of Bedford Plan Commission held a public meeting Tuesday night to approve a multitude of realignments and extensions of properties in the City of Bedford.

The first request was for James and Angela Turner who were requesting to turn their property at 3939 River Bluff Rd into a minor subdivision named Turner Minor Subdivision. Commission members approved the request with Board member Craig Turpen abstaining from the vote.

The next request came from Garrett Thompson who was also requesting an extension of his property to make a minor subdivision, effectively splitting his current property into two plots. An issue had arisen when Thompson’s neighbor had a boundary survey that showed the garage on Thompson’s property overlapped onto his property. This request will help to correct this issue. Members voted to approve the request with Commission President Byron Buker abstaining from the vote.

The final request came from Carey Deckard with Love City Sunset, LLC in the form of separating the existing condos on the property into a subdivision replat. This would give each of the properties the right to a section of the plot to maintain and use for their own recreation. The council voted to approve this motion with Councilwoman Angel Hawkins abstaining from the vote.

These approvals will forward to the next stage of approval from the Bedford Redevelopment Commission.

The commission also voted to adopt resolution number 1-2021 which is an authorizing participation by commission members in meetings by electronic means.

The council also held a preliminary hearing for Johnny J. and Janet Fiddler / Robert L. and Malissa K. Ikerd who request a minor subdivision to include lots 21, 22 and a vacant lot southwest of 21 of the Broadview North Subdivision in order to combine all these lots to make one parcel. This motion was approved for the public meeting scheduled to occur in December.