Rockville Correctional Facility receives reaccreditation recommendation after ACA Audit

ROCKVILLE – Auditors representing the American Correctional Association (ACA) congratulated Rockville Correctional Facility Warden Julie Stout and her staff on achieving their recommendation on Facility Reaccreditation.  Warden Stout will appear before the ACA Commission on Accreditation during an upcoming conference in Phoenix, AZ.  At that conference, the Commission will discuss the Auditor’s report with Warden Stout before making a final decision on reaccreditation.

Tool Room Audit

The ACA develops hundreds of mandatory and nonmandatory standards applicable to safe and humane prison operations.  Through visiting facilities such as RCF, and auditing compliance with those standards in areas such as living conditions, programming, offender, and staff morale, the ACA can determine the worthiness of a facility for accreditation.  On this year’s audit RCF scored 100% compliance with mandatory standards and 98% compliance on nonmandatory standards. 

ACA Exit

The auditors were especially complimentary of the RCF work environment, the professional relationships between staff and offenders, and the working relationships amongst staff.  The team went on to compliment the cleanliness of the facility and the pandemic response plan implemented by RCF’s Physical Plant Director Kyle Curtsinger under the direction of Warden Stout. 

As the audit concluded, Warden Stout expressed her appreciation to the Audit Team and her staff, “The success of this audit is a result of your (staff’s) continued hard work and dedication.  Thank you all so much!”